Best locations for Photos in DFW-Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Best locations for Photos in DFW-Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Best Photo Locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

The Massa Family Session

I had the pleasure of photographing this family in Bend, Oregon and it was absolutely stunning! We enjoyed perfect weather and gorgeous mountain views. Can’t ask for more than that!

I survived family photos!

Being on the camera side of most photography sessions, it isn’t often that I can appreciate the struggle that my clients go through in preparing for their own sessions. We finally got around to our own family photos this spring and here is what it took…

  • 17 trips to different stores to find coordinating outfits.

  • 1 last minute trip the day of the session because I decided I didn’t like MY outfit.

  • 5 whining kids who had to be bribed with ice cream.

  • 2 locations changes because… I don’t recall why. At the time it seemed important.

  • 1 pair of forgotten spanx. I mean… how did I forget to put those on?!?!

  • 7 sweaty heads of hair that needed brushing or touch ups.

  • 3 rescheduled dates for sick kids.

  • 1 very hot doggie who was way more interested in walking the trails.

  • 4 advil to stave off the headache of coordinating this event.

  • 1 very patient, loving and dedicated partner who knew how important this was to me.

  • 1 amazing photographer and friend, Megan, who made it all possible.

  • Finally $73 spent on fast food and ice cream to satisfy the angry lawn gnomes… I mean my beautiful and cooperative children.

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The Rutledge Family Bluebonnet Mini Session

Family + Maternity Session

Love getting to document a new baby soon to arrive! This sweet family has been a joy to photograph over the last year!

Winter Mini Session

The Six Month Session of Reverie

Two Year Old Session in Studio

The Family Session of the Alexander Family

The Newborn Session of William

Welcome William!  William was in a rush to enter the world, but I made it just in time.  I was so happy to get him into the studio where things were a LITTLE calmer.  He was a dream and slept through all the chaos.  As always, his big sis and brother were just amazing to work with and we loved having them in.  It is so fun to watch a family grow!

Withers Fall Mini Session

I happen to be present when these two (no longer little) humans were brought into the world as their birth photographer.  You can imagine my delight at getting to see how incredible they are now!  It was a joy to have their smiles grace my camera once again and to see the love they have for each other!

Jones Fall Mini Session

This family TRIED to move away, but you can believe I was OVERJOYED to learn that they were back in DFW.  I love them and their sweet boy.  It was so great to see them again and to learn all about trucks from a tiny human ;)

Zuniga Fall Mini Session

This family has literally been with me since their oldest was born.  It is so much fun to have a long time relationship with clients.  It means that toddler smiles are not withheld from me for photos!

Rutledge Fall Mini Session

I love getting to see these two every year for Bluebonnets and Holiday photos.  They are such a blast to spend time with and I love to see their incredible relationship and how much they love each other.

The Thomas Family

Fairies in the Forest Mini Sessions are back!

Saturday June 24th

9am-11am Sessions every 30 minutes

$50/child includes session and one digital image

Highland Park

Pre-purchase 5 digital images for only $150 extra

Sessions are booked in groups to create a "fairy" feel.  You are assigned a group based on time preference.  Groups are at least 6 fairies/elves each.  If you wish to book as a group, please indicate in the booking form.  Max of 10 fairies/elves per group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are my children the only children in the session?  Nope!  We book multiple fairies for the same 30 minute session window.  During that time, the kids simply play in the forest!  We promise one individual image with only your child.  The other images in your gallery may have other fairies in them.
  2. If I want all my kids to participate, can they?  Yes!  You would simply pay per child.  Once the session is finished, we will upload the finished images to a gallery and you will be able to select one image per child or five images if you have pre-purchased.
  3. Can boys participate?  Ofcourse!  They are welcome as a fairy or an elf.  We have had both and would love to have them join us.
  4. Are costumes included?  They are not.  We suggest bringing your child dressed and ready to play.  Due to the nature of the session, there is little-to-no time for changing.
  5. Anything we should be mindful of as far as costumes go?  Please keep in mind that your child will be playing in a wooded area.  Their costume should be appropriate (leggings or shorts under see thru tutus) and they should have appropriate footwear.  We suggest not using glitter for make up as it does not photograph well.  We love everything else!  Flowers, tutus, wings, you name it!
  6. Can my baby participate?  We only ask that your baby be able to sit on their own.  If you need to support them, we are unable to accommodate them.
  7. What if we want to book a session as a group?  We have had friends do this before!  It is very fun for the children.  In this case, you would need at least 6 children and you would need to let us know when you book.  Each family will book individually for the specified session time.  There is a max of 10 children per session time.
  8. What about bad weather?  In case of rain or muddy conditions, a rain date will apply.  It will also be a Saturday at the same time.