I survived family photos!

Being on the camera side of most photography sessions, it isn’t often that I can appreciate the struggle that my clients go through in preparing for their own sessions. We finally got around to our own family photos this spring and here is what it took…

  • 17 trips to different stores to find coordinating outfits.

  • 1 last minute trip the day of the session because I decided I didn’t like MY outfit.

  • 5 whining kids who had to be bribed with ice cream.

  • 2 locations changes because… I don’t recall why. At the time it seemed important.

  • 1 pair of forgotten spanx. I mean… how did I forget to put those on?!?!

  • 7 sweaty heads of hair that needed brushing or touch ups.

  • 3 rescheduled dates for sick kids.

  • 1 very hot doggie who was way more interested in walking the trails.

  • 4 advil to stave off the headache of coordinating this event.

  • 1 very patient, loving and dedicated partner who knew how important this was to me.

  • 1 amazing photographer and friend, Megan, who made it all possible.

  • Finally $73 spent on fast food and ice cream to satisfy the angry lawn gnomes… I mean my beautiful and cooperative children.

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