Lifestyle Newborn Session

We were so honored to be welcomed into this beautiful home to capture their newest arrival. Big sister was the sweetest!

Newborn Session

This family was just the sweetest to work with. While they had a simple newborn session, their sweet boy was so sleepy that we were able to do so much!

The Newborn Session of William

Welcome William!  William was in a rush to enter the world, but I made it just in time.  I was so happy to get him into the studio where things were a LITTLE calmer.  He was a dream and slept through all the chaos.  As always, his big sis and brother were just amazing to work with and we loved having them in.  It is so fun to watch a family grow!

Newborn + One Year Session Sale


For a limited time, when you book a Newborn Session and a One Year session at the same time, you will save 25% off the total of the two sessions!  We absolutely love to see "our babies" again as they grow.  Let us capture both moments for you!

The Newborn Session of Greyson

This sweet pea joined us in the studio for his newborn session and he is just too cute for words!

The Newborn Session of Knox

This sweet boy and his big sis were in the studio and boy was he a dream!  It was a long afternoon and poor mama was pooped on, but I hope these images are worth it all!!!

The Birth of Lysander

As always, I am so excited to get to attend a birth with this mama.  She is not only an amazing friend, but she is such a wonderful birthing mama.  We knew that her labor would be fast and sure enough, I made it with just minutes to spare!  The family was overjoyed to welcome their 8th son!   Lysander was just incredibly beautiful and such a peaceful baby.  Can't wait to see how he grows!

The Newborn Session of Andrew

This tiny little man came into the studio after surprising everyone and arriving early.  He was such a sweet peanut and my favorite thing was how his big sister kept walking around saying "baby brother" with the sweetest voice ever!  I loved getting to work with them and snuggle this sweet boy.

The Newborn Session of Arya

This sweet chunky of a baby girl came into the studio for her newborn session and oh my goodness... I fell in love.  She was so sweet and sleepy and has the creamiest skin and beautiful hair and she happened to bring along her big brother who is madly in love with her.  It was such a fun and gentle session.  And we sure ended up with images that I loved!

The Fresh 48 of Tiago

It was so much fun to go to the home of the Henry family to help welcome Tiago!  Only a few days old, we captured them just hanging out at home enjoying their new addition.  Those big brothers were just thrilled and I was even there to watch Teo hold his new brother for the first time!  The last time I saw Teo, he was just born!  I love it when that happens.