how to

Five ways to prepare for your Newborn Session...



 1. Bath time

The evening before or morning of your photo session, give you baby a good bath. Be sure to clean under their chins (the perfect catch for spilled milk), between fingers and toes and any goop they may have in their eyes. If they have flaking skin, rubbing it will likely make it worse, so just let it be.

2. Moisturize

It is so tempting to pick at the dry and flaking skin on your baby or those little pimples that may start to appear. However, picking, especially right before your photo session, will leave red marks and worsen the flaking skin. Instead, use a good, gentle moisturizer on your baby.





3. Pack what is important

So many parents show up with 10 different outfits and forget a diaper or a swaddling blanket. I photograph newborns without clothing as it simply detracts from the image of the baby. If you have hired an experienced, professional newborn photographer, this is likely the case with them as well. Plan to pack a few diapers, a pacifier if you are using one, a swaddling blanket or two and a change of clothes for you. Chances are good you or your partner might get peed on!





4. Bring the Milk

A full tummy is key to great sleeping images of your new baby. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you are always welcome to nurse in my studio. If you aren't comfortable doing so or are formula feeding, be sure to bring enough milk! Your baby will likely eat more than they normally do and sessions can run up to 4 hours. Having enough milk to keep your baby happy and the stress level low is very important!









5. Know when to Schedule

The best time for your session to take place is within 10-14 days of your baby being born. The other thing to consider is when your baby is sleeping or awake during the course of the day. If your baby sleeps all morning but is fussy and awake in the afternoon, then schedule your session in the morning. Knowing when your baby is happiest will make your session run more smoothly.