homebirth birth photography

The Birth of William

I just adore this family.  I have been blessed to photograph the Henry's birth and was thrilled to be welcomed to Williams.  Although I was teasing mama that she didn't give me much warning and nearly made me miss it!  Thankfully I arrived with a minute to spare before William came into the world.  Congrats!

The Birth of Liam

This sweet boy made me run!!  He decided that he was coming into this world and he wasn't waiting on anyone!  Needless to say, I literally walked in the door 30 seconds before he came into the world.  While I typically prefer a LITTLE more time than that, I was glad I made it.  And ofcourse, homebirths with siblings is one of my fav things.  They make it so much fun.  It was an honor to capture this incredible moments for this family.

The Birth of Knox

I love this family!  They have been clients for the last two years since sweet Jovie was born, so ofcourse I jumped at the chance to help welcome sweet Knox.  Mama sure worked hard and her sweet midwife, Cori Lively with Barefoot Midwifery, even brought her own new arrival to the party.  It was so much fun to see these two babies snuggled next to each other.  THIS is the community of birthing women I get to be a part of... so incredible!   

The Birth of Brayden Nathaniel

This sweet family invited me to photograph the birth of their fourth baby.  Knowing that things might go quickly, I was FAST getting out the door and over to their home for the birth.  Despite arriving in only 20 minutes, I was shocked to find this little man hanging out in his mama's arms!!  I missed his birth by only a minute.  I hate when that happens, but I was so thrilled for this mama to be holding her baby in her arms.  It was just a lovely post partum time... siblings welcoming Brayden, the burning of the cord, an herbal bath and just beautiful, peaceful moments of welcoming this boy into the world.  What a joy and an amazing Christmas gift!

The Birth of Charlie

I was so excited to be there when Charlie arrived.  Being the fourth baby, it is always so much fun to see siblings react to a new baby.  And they were amazing!  Not to mention that this mama literally breathed her baby out so quietly that I nearly missed it!  Welcome little Charlie... you are already surrounded by so much love!

dallas area birth photographer- birth of lexie

I was so excited to attend the birth of this sweet little girl. Her mama is my own cinematographer at my own births and to be able to capture her birth was exciting! We all hoped for a day birth so we had beautiful natural light and we were not disappointed. It was also fun to shoot with a little different style... love how these turned out!