The Birth of William

I just adore this family.  I have been blessed to photograph the Henry's birth and was thrilled to be welcomed to Williams.  Although I was teasing mama that she didn't give me much warning and nearly made me miss it!  Thankfully I arrived with a minute to spare before William came into the world.  Congrats!

The Birth of Knox

I love this family!  They have been clients for the last two years since sweet Jovie was born, so ofcourse I jumped at the chance to help welcome sweet Knox.  Mama sure worked hard and her sweet midwife, Cori Lively with Barefoot Midwifery, even brought her own new arrival to the party.  It was so much fun to see these two babies snuggled next to each other.  THIS is the community of birthing women I get to be a part of... so incredible!   

The Birth of Lysander

As always, I am so excited to get to attend a birth with this mama.  She is not only an amazing friend, but she is such a wonderful birthing mama.  We knew that her labor would be fast and sure enough, I made it with just minutes to spare!  The family was overjoyed to welcome their 8th son!   Lysander was just incredibly beautiful and such a peaceful baby.  Can't wait to see how he grows!

The Birth of Brayden Nathaniel

This sweet family invited me to photograph the birth of their fourth baby.  Knowing that things might go quickly, I was FAST getting out the door and over to their home for the birth.  Despite arriving in only 20 minutes, I was shocked to find this little man hanging out in his mama's arms!!  I missed his birth by only a minute.  I hate when that happens, but I was so thrilled for this mama to be holding her baby in her arms.  It was just a lovely post partum time... siblings welcoming Brayden, the burning of the cord, an herbal bath and just beautiful, peaceful moments of welcoming this boy into the world.  What a joy and an amazing Christmas gift!

The Birth of Charlie

I was so excited to be there when Charlie arrived.  Being the fourth baby, it is always so much fun to see siblings react to a new baby.  And they were amazing!  Not to mention that this mama literally breathed her baby out so quietly that I nearly missed it!  Welcome little Charlie... you are already surrounded by so much love!

dallas area birth photographer- birth of lexie

I was so excited to attend the birth of this sweet little girl. Her mama is my own cinematographer at my own births and to be able to capture her birth was exciting! We all hoped for a day birth so we had beautiful natural light and we were not disappointed. It was also fun to shoot with a little different style... love how these turned out!

{Samantha~ July 2, 2012} Flower Mound- Irving- Dallas Birth Photography

I was so excited when I found out this sweet family was expecting again. I had photographed the birth of William a few years back and couldn't wait to meet the newest edition. I was out the door in the middle of the night only to walk into the birth 20 seconds after sweet Samantha was born. Everyone was shocked to see how quickly Miss Samantha wanted to be in this world! I am just so glad I made it when I did to capture these precious moments.

{Ainsley~ September 8, 2011} Allen- Plano- McKinney Birth Photographer

I was so excited to get the call to come to this sweet girl's birth. I was glad I left to go when I did, because when I got there, mom was already pushing! This sweet girl was in a hurry to arrive. Mom did an amazing job bringing her into the world and Dad was right there the whole time. Big brother was THRILLED to meet Ainsley once he woke from a deep sleep. Overall, a beautiful and calm homebirth where Ainsley was surrounded by love. whbirth_web_1





{Sweet Baby Boy~ October 16, 2010} Garland- Dallas- Mesquite Birth Photographer

I was honored to attend the beautiful, quick birth of this sweet boy. His parents were so loving and in tune with each other. They had an amazing support team... two skilled midwives, a supportive doula and a sister and mother. The perfect set up for a homebirth. It was a joy to be there to capture their amazing birth and welcome this sweet boy into the world. Enjoy! Web_1


{Maddox ~ August 5, 2010} Anna- McKinney- Allen Birth Photographer

August and September have been full of repeat clients. I absolutely love it when I get to work with a family a second (or more) time and see how their family has grown. Baby Maddox was no exception! I was there when his big sister was born. She was born in the hospital, so you can imagine my excitement when Mom announced she was expecting again and this time planning a homebirth. Double yeah! Her labor wasn't too long, but she did work very hard. She was strong and beautiful and baby Maddox is just as incredible. She had a great support team and was surrounded by people who loved her and baby Maddox a whole lot. I think these images show just that. Enjoy!



{Sleeping Sweetness} Wylie- Murphy- Plano Newborn Photographer

Little Max was a perfect angel for our newborn session. I have to say I was so glad too, because apparently he can give everyone a run for their money if he tries ;) He is so handsome though. I was excited to get my hands on him again after being there for his arrival. The light was beautiful as well. We had a lovely afternoon followed by some lovely images! web_1

{Charlie ~ August 4, 2010} Dallas- Garland- Richardson Birth Photographer

I had the honor of photographing the arrival of this little man to the most beautiful family.  They are loving and giving and so incredible.  He is one lucky guy.  I am blogging a lot of images from this birth.  It wasn't especially long.  There wasn't anything different about it.  It was calm, beauitful and quick- an answer to prayers.  What is special and different is Charlie.  He arrived peacefully into the world at home surrounded by love.  Shortly there after he was transported to the NICU.  He is undergoing treatment for a brain hemmorrhage.  I don't know that they know why yet.  We know it wasn't birth related.  I can attest to that!  However, he still need prayers.  Please pray that this sweet boy gets to come home to his family soon.  I am hoping these images remind his family the love that was there when he made his entrance into this world.  You guys are amazing!  xoxo web_1




{Mallie~ July 30, 2010} Richardson- Plano- Dallas Birth Photographer

I had the pleasure of attending one of the most beautiful and serene births I have ever seen.  This mama made it look so easy!  Not to mention that she has an amazing support team.  It was so fun to witness the love in the room.  I was so glad to have made it to the birth as she was the fourth client to have her baby in three days and I hadn't slept in a very long time!  Next baby I will be more rested.  Either way it was an honor to have been invited to be there.