Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started booking my session?

Just shoot us an email or a phone call!  We can send you info about booking your session.  It is super easy!

What if I don't know what type of session to book?

That is what we are here for!  We are happy to talk with you about your session needs, the number of people involved, how many images you are looking for and where you want to shoot to best determine that session type that best fits your needs.  Just call us!



How far out do I need to schedule my session?

This really varies from month to month and session to session.  If you are booking a time sensitive session (birth/newborn/holiday) then it is best to give us as much notice as possible.  We prefer 4-6 weeks or more.  Births book up much earlier.  If you need to book a session last minute, please still reach out.  Sometimes we can work you into our schedule.

How do you schedule my birth or newborn session if I don't know when my baby is coming?

We put you on the books for your babies due date.  Once you are in labor or your baby has arrived, we then schedule an exact day or time.  If we are photographing your birth, we rearrange our schedule to be there.

When is the best time to schedule a maternity session?

We typically suggest you schedule your maternity session between 28-34 weeks.  It will vary depending on the client.  We want you to look obviously pregnant, but not be swollen or uncomfortable.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

We ask for as much notice as possible.  However, if you have a sick kiddo or a family emergency, we understand that happens!  We are willing to work with you.  However, multiple reschedules may incur additional fees.


What should I plan to spend on my session?

Our pricing is pretty straight forward.  You pay your session fee at booking and then choose one of our digital collections when you see your online gallery.

What is included in the session Price?

Each session lists what is included in the price.  

Do your prices include the digital files?

Our Session Fee only includes the time at your session and access to your online gallery.  The Collections include different digital files.  The listed price includes the amount of digital images specified for that collection. 

When is my payment due?

The session fee is due at booking.  The collection purchase is due within 48 hours of activating your online gallery.  For documentary sessions, a deposit of 50% is due at booking. The remainder of your fee is due at 36 weeks or the week before your session takes place.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, including cash, checks, and all major credit cards.  There is a $35 returned payment fee.  

Do you charge sales tax?

The state of Texas requires that we charge sales tax on all portions of our services, including the session fee, digital files and all products.  The sales tax is 8.25%.  As a legal and law abiding business, we do not offer to waive this fee for any sessions, including those paid in cash.  If you are out of Texas, there is no sales tax with your purchase.


Portrait Sessions

How long does the session last?

Sessions range between 45 minutes to 3+ hours depending on the session type.

What should we bring?

Most importantly, those participating!  Please do not bring spectators unless it is another adult whose job it is to help with small children.  We typically suggest minimal outfit changes, but if you plan for one, please bring them.  If you bring a snack or drink, please do only water and we recommend inconspicuous snacks like raisins or fruit snacks.  You are welcome to bring a "reward" type treat if you wish.  We often use smarties.  Please safe sticky treats like suckers for the very end.  Ofcourse, diapers, wipes, stollers, emergency changes of clothing are also helpful.  If you think you might need make up or a hair brush to touch up, that is helpful too!

What should we expect from you?

I believe strongly in creating connection with my clients, especially the little ones! We believe that child led sessions are the best kind.  We ask that you be patient and use kind words during our session.  We want it to be fun and enjoyable for everyone and that will lead to the images you see on our site.  Please refrain from threats or harsh punishments that result in tears.  From us, you will find that we spend a good amount of time getting to know the children and their personalities and interests.  This means we may not be actively shooting.  That is why you hire a professional!  Also, we believe in posing families in way that is pleasing.  While it may not feel natural, it will look that way in the photographs.  We want everyone to look great!  So expect to get some posing direction from us, along with some directions as we move through the session, but don't be surprised if there are great candid moments included in your gallery as well.

Can the session take place in our home?

Full sessions can take place in your home.  If you wish to have a newborn session in your home, there is an additional session fee.

Can you help us find a location that fits the look we want?

Absolutely!  We have been shooting in Dallas since 2005 and are very famililar with a huge variety of session locations, their pros and cons and what works best for your family or child.


Delivery & Products

How long does it take for our order to be ready?

Images typically take around 2-3 weeks to be edited and ready.  

How do we get our order?

When your order is ready, you will be emailed a link to your online gallery.  You will be able to view your images, complete your collection purchase and order professional prints that are shipped directly to you.

What are Social Media Files?

Social media files are websized, watermarked digital files that can be used online.  Please only use these files online.  This protects our studio from theft and protects your images from being used illegally.  

Can we buy copyrights?

We do not sell the copyrights to our images.  With the purchase of a digital file you will receive a print release that will allow you to print them. 

Can we print full resolution files?

Yes, the print release allows you to print your full resolution digital files that you have purchased.  We do not guarantee any products made outside our studio.  We also do not provide specialized services to assist in this ordering.  We highly recommend you print through the studio as we know our labs in terms of quality, longevity, color profiles and materials.  Outside of our professional labs, we can not know what you will receive.

Is there anything we can't do with the digital file we purchase?

Yes.  You can not sell the images or use them for other purposes, such as entering contests or using them to win/benefit financially from them.  You can print your own prints for personal use and share the social media files online.  If you wish to use them for other purposes, please contact us for commercial terms and pricing.


A Special Note:

We are an inclusive studio that serves all people and families.  That means that we welcome LGBTQ families and people who identify on all ends of the gender and sexuality spectrum.  We also work to be inclusive to those people with disabilities.  We love people of all races, religions, ethnicities and those blended.  Polya families are also welcome.  Basically, we are a safe place for you, no matter who you are.  Welcome.

Still have a question?  Please get in touch!