Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with our Earth Day Sales!

REDUCE Session fees by up to 25%

When you book two sessions, you save 20% on the session fees if they are booked at the same time.  Even better, book 3 sessions and save 25%!!!  This covers the session fees.  A collection purchase is required for all portrait sessions and a balance is due for all births/fresh 48's

Maternity + Newborn Only $320

Maternity + Birth + Newborn Only $1050

Newborn + Six Month + One Year Only $525

Birth + Newborn + Six Month + One Year Only $1275

REDUCE on only one Session and Births/Fresh 48's!

For a limited time, you can save when only booking a single session. Save 10%.  Can not combine this offer with the REUSE offer.

Maternity $90 Session Fee

Child/Family Session Fee  $180 

Newborn Session Fee $270

Birth Deposit $900

Birth Paid in Full $1800

Fresh 48 Deposit $675

Fresh 48 Paid in Full $1350

REUSE half you session fee!

If you choose to book a session and pre-purchase a collection at booking, you can save!!!  You will save half your session fee off the total purchase.  You can save up to $150!!!  This does not apply to Births or Fresh 48 Sessions.

Newborn Session + Bud Collection Only $550

Maternity Session + Bud Collection Only $450

Family Session + Bud Collection Only $500

RECYCLE your skills or stuff!

I LOVE to barter and trade.  If you have something to offer us, please let me know!  Here are a few things that we are currently looking for:

EXPERIENCES!!!!  This is number one.  If you have a vacation home or run a business that provides experiences (boating, tourist stuff, adventures) then we want to know about it.  We are happy to trade for family photos, but are also able to help with business photography and even web design.  We travel all over North America and are open to any locations.

Diesel Truck Work (oil changes, maintenance)
Cleaning (Deep Cleaning for our RV)
Painting (We need a new coat of paint in the RV)
Handyman (Rip out carpet and install new flooring in about 20 sq feet)
AC Maintenance
Bike Rack (Needs to hold three bikes and be hitch mounted)

As always, feel free to reach out with other ideas!