{Charlie ~ August 4, 2010} Dallas- Garland- Richardson Birth Photographer

I had the honor of photographing the arrival of this little man to the most beautiful family.  They are loving and giving and so incredible.  He is one lucky guy.  I am blogging a lot of images from this birth.  It wasn't especially long.  There wasn't anything different about it.  It was calm, beauitful and quick- an answer to prayers.  What is special and different is Charlie.  He arrived peacefully into the world at home surrounded by love.  Shortly there after he was transported to the NICU.  He is undergoing treatment for a brain hemmorrhage.  I don't know that they know why yet.  We know it wasn't birth related.  I can attest to that!  However, he still need prayers.  Please pray that this sweet boy gets to come home to his family soon.  I am hoping these images remind his family the love that was there when he made his entrance into this world.  You guys are amazing!  xoxo web_1