About the Photographers

Elizabeth Boyce

Owner & Photographer of All Things


At a Glance...

  • Author of The Birth Photographer's Handbook    

  • Co-Founder of the OFF-CALL Conference  

  • Co-Founder of Birth Stories [101]    

  • Published Worldwide

  • Long Skirt & SandAL lover

  • Cat Snuggler & traveler 

  • Mother of six, wife of one, & Lover of All

  • Photography is my "REAl" Job!

  • 250+ births in over 10 years

  • Creating portraits of children & families since 2008

  • Pioneer in the modern birth photography industry

  • Speaker & Educator


Read my story...

I am an earth mama.  That is really how it all began.  There was a birth and a camera and they came together to create something beautiful and this barefoot, pregnant mama happened to be the creator.  That is really where it all began. I wish I could say that I have always been an earth mama.  I wish I could say that I have always had a camera in my hand.  Neither would be true.  Somehow along this path, I ended up that way.

My career began exclusively with birth photography.  I loved the miracle of birth.  At some point, I was being hired to photograph all types of birth.  I realized the beauty of each and every birth no matter what the type of delivery.  It was the best job ever.

In 2008, I began to offer portraiture in addition to birth photography.  I specialized in maternity and newborn portraits.  I realized how much I loved every aspect of photography.  As those babies began to grow, Earth Mama Photography grew with them.  We continued to photograph those babies and became a part of their family.

You will find that is how we do things.  I love being a part of each of my client's life stages.  Through pregnancy, birth and as your family grows, I get to be there to document it for you.  I value my clients and hope that they will let me grow with them.

I hope that the love I feel towards my own family, towards each client, and towards your special life events radiates through the images that I capture through my lens.

When I am not photographing your family, I am with my own. Thomas, my sweet and supportive husband stays at home to help me raise our six amazing children. You would likely find me outdoors, camping or hiking, most likely with a baby on my back and most definitely wearing a long skirt and sandals.  We blog about our wanderlust adventures at Wandering the World Below if you want to follow our big and crazy family as we travel and while creating havoc at home!

We are most active on Instagram, so take a peek below at what we have been up to lately!

Ceci Jane Massa

Photographer of Births, Fresh 48's, Families and Day-in-the-Life Sessions

Jessica  Cook

Photographer of Bellies, Births, & Babies


Kourtnie Scholz

Photographer of Births, Fresh 48's, Families and Day-in-the-Life Sessions