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Elizabeth Boyce

Owner & Photographer of All Things


At a Glance...

  • Author of The Birth Photographer's Handbook    

  • Co-Founder of the OFF-CALL Conference  

  • Co-Founder of Birth Stories [101]    

  • Published Worldwide

  • SandAL lover

  • Cat Snuggler & traveler 

  • Mother of six & Lover of All

  • Photography is my "REAl" Job!

  • 300+ births in over 13 years

  • Creating portraits of children & families since 2008

  • Pioneer in the modern birth photography industry

  • Speaker & Educator


Read my story...

I am an earth mama.  That is really how it all began.  There was a birth and a camera and they came together to create something beautiful and this barefoot, pregnant mama happened to be the creator.  That is really where it all began. I wish I could say that I have always been an earth mama.  I wish I could say that I have always had a camera in my hand.  Neither would be true.  Somehow along this path, I ended up that way.

My career began exclusively with birth photography.  I loved the miracle of birth.  At some point, I was being hired to photograph all types of birth.  I realized the beauty of each and every birth no matter what the type of delivery.  It was the best job ever.

In 2008, I began to offer portraiture in addition to birth photography.  I specialized in maternity and newborn portraits.  I realized how much I loved every aspect of photography.  As those babies began to grow, Earth Mama Photography grew with them.  We continued to photograph those babies and became a part of their family.

You will find that is how we do things.  I love being a part of each of my client's life stages.  Through pregnancy, birth and as your family grows, I get to be there to document it for you.  I value my clients and hope that they will let me grow with them.

I hope that the love I feel towards my own family, towards each client, and towards your special life events radiates through the images that I capture through my lens.

When I am not photographing your family, I am with my own.  You would likely find me outdoors, camping or hiking, wearing my Chacos, or sitting by the campfire in my hammock. I have six children, five still at home and a dog. We travel full-time in our RV, exploring the world and photographing as much as I can.

I share all of my family adventures on Instagram, so take a peek below at what we have been up to lately!


Megan Eidson

Photographer of Bellies, Births, Fresh 48's, Babies & Families


Jessica  Cook

Photographer of Bellies, Births, & Babies


Kourtnie Scholz

Photographer of Births, Fresh 48's, Families and Day-in-the-Life Sessions